Mapua School

Discover Tasman: The Tasbay Rocky Shore

Stories and Poems By Room 2

We are the New Entrant class at Mapua School. We hope you enjoy reading our stories and poems.

Rocky Shore Visit Recounts

Richard talked to us about the high, mid and low zones. We had to hold our breath if the water was over us.
We found heaps of Black Topped shells. They were the shells we found most of in all the zones.
We found some cushion stars.
We found them on the rocks.
We found them in the water.
We didn’t find them in the high zone.

I found this cushion star.
Hamish was in my group.
We found heaps of cushion stars in the low zone.
The cushion stars felt soft.
We put the cushion stars back in the water.

By Elijah and Hamish

We found an orange water worm.
We found it in the rock pools in the low zone.
It wriggled around like worms do.
We found only one worm.

By Elias and Jason

I am drawing a picture of what I saw in the rock pool.
I saw a fish, lots of crabs and an orange water worm.

By Elias

Rocky Shore Poems

Rock Pools
Waves, windy, wobbly.    

By Elias

Rock Pools
Rocky, rough, round. 

By Rebecca

Rock Pools
Splosh, splish, splish.      


Rock Pools
Splash, splish, splosh.     

By Hannah

Rock Pools
Rocky, rough, rocks.   

By Hamish

Rock Pools
Puddle, play, pool.  

By Beau

Rock Pools
Wet, water, wishing. 

By Zak

Rock Pools
Waves, water, wet.  

By Max

Rock Pools
Creep, crumble, crab. 

By Cameron

Rock Pools
Splash, splosh, split.       

By Josh

Rock Pools
Splash, splosh, splish.   

By Elijah

Rock Pools
Shiny, sheeny, shells.  

By Emily

Rock Pools

Crab, crawl, creep.     

By Jason