St Peter Chanel

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What does St Peter Chanel mean to us today?

We decided to discuss our question as a class. Firstly we worked in small groups to come up with ideas, then we shared our ideas with the rest of the class and refined them to make sense so that we all came to an agreement as Year 6, 7, and 8 students in 2007.

Group 1:
St. Peter Chanel, along with all the Saints has set a real example for us to follow, especially sharing your gift which might be as simple as kindness, sharing and caring for others.

Group 2:
He showed us one way we could love each other and ways we could bring peace to the world.

Group 3:
Kindness, pride, forgiveness and caring are virtues we can hold onto now.

Group 4:
St. Peter Chanel gave us a history, a good role model and his story is a reminder of Jesus' message for us today.

Group 5:
St. Peter Chanel is an inspiring model.