Waitaki Valley School

Why Waitaki?

Living In The Waitaki Valley


We wanted to find out why people choose to live in the Waitaki Valley.

To do this we interviewed people; Mums and Dads, Nanas and Grandads, other family members, neighbours, and friends.

This is what we found out:

Jobs list.

Here are our photos of what people do.

This is my Grandad's shop. He sells fish and chips and big chocolate ice creams.

photo by Dominic

Many people work at the power stations. Electricity is made and sent all over New Zealand

photo by Finn

There are many types of farming in the Valley. This is my dad moving sheep on our farm in the Haka Valley.

photo by Matthew

This is my Dad's police truck. He is the policeman for a huge area and often has to travel in a 4 wheel drive. He is really busy in the summer when there are many visitors in the area.

photo by Jackie

There are lots of different breeds of cattle in the valley. We have white, black and brown cattle on our farm.

photo by Gus

My Dad is an electrician. he is busy doing electrical work for all the new dairy sheds. He also fixes problems in people's houses.

photo by Simone

This is my Dads bulldozer. He works on farms, hills and along river banks. He can build motorbike tracks. He builds dairy conversions and he can do rock ripping, stock water dams and fence lines and rip out trees.

The Waitaki Valley needs a bulldozer contactor.

photo by Bradley

This is my Dad's digger and truck. My Dad does contracting work. He does work that has to be done with a digger, bulldozer, or a grader.

photo by Scott

My mother works at the local garage. She can be really busy in the weekends and the holidays because everyone wants petrol for their cars and boats.

photo by Beth