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A big thanks goes to Molly Akers, whose insightful knowledge and research of the Opiki area (as the author of two books about Opiki Suspended Access and From Fibre to Food) helped me a lot in the writing of this website.

Also my thanks go to Cindy of the Te Manawa Museum's historical archives who provided me with a Manawatu Regional Committee folder of records, which contained much valuable information that I would not have obtained on my own.

Pictures used on this website were kindly provided by Molly Akers and the Palmerston North City Library.

Below is a list of sources from which I obtained information for my research of the Opiki Toll Bridge:

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Akers, M. J. (2003). Suspended Access. Molly J. Akers and the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, Manawatu Branch, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

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Palmerston North City Library, Photo Archives.
Photo reference numbers: OPK 1, OPK 4, FX 116, FX 117, FX 120, FX 121, FX 122, FX 127.


Te Manawa Museum, Historical Archives.Obtained from Cindy a folder entitled 'Manawatu Regional Committee, New Zealand Historic Places Trust Record'.

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