Grey Lynn School Pupils at War - 1914-1918

World War 1

Keith Boles was a pupil at Grey Lynn School. He went to World War 1 in 1918 on the 21st of February. He was a trooper in the 35th reinforcements in the Auckland Mounted Rifle Brigade. He was originally a cabinet maker from Sackville Street, Grey Lynn. He died on 16th October 1918 in Palestine (now called Israel).

Keith Boles was born on 2nd March 1896. He enrolled at Grey Lynn School in 1908. His brother was Cyril Boles and he came to Grey Lynn School at the same time. Their father was J. Boles of Sackville Street.

Norman Reginald Robinson was another pupil at Grey Lynn School. He was the son of F. Robinson of 63 Richmond Ave (now called Richmond Road). He went to war 5th April 1917 as a Private in the Auckland Infantry Regiment, A Company. He died of wounds in Belgium on 4th October 1917 after the Battle of Passchendale.

Other pupils went to World War 1 but they returned safely. We got our information from the Golden Jubilee records, the school register books and the cenotaph data base at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

By George and Dorothy

The Cenotaph database at the Auckland War Memorial Museum