Our team

Left to right:

George, Faye, Lucy, Maia, Alex and Kyle introduce themselves:


My name is Alexandra. I was born on February 8, 2001 in the sign of Aquarius. My favourite writers are Harper Lee and Charles Dickens and I love to write and paint. I adore to play sports and have fun. I am energetic, creative and kind.


Hi, I'm Faye. I am 10 years old and I will be 11 in May. I love playing soccer, netball and swimming. My favourite writer is Roald Dahl and I love travelling and I have recently been to Europe and Asia. Many people say I am crazy, creative and sporty. I was chosen to join this group because of my writing skills and my interest in the school's history.


My name is Kyle. I am ten and a half years old and I am in year 6. My favourite thing to do is playing DJ Hero. At school I like maths. I am doing this project because I want to find out more about our school's history.


I'm George. I was born on November 2, 2000. My interests are aviation, helicopters, science and technology. I am doing this project because I am interested in war stories and my Great-grandfather went to this school and went to war.


Lucy is my name, born in the Year of the Dragon, October 6, 2000. I adore all sports and my dream car is a yellow, old-fashioned Beetle. I also love to kick the ball about. I am bubbly, energetic, creative and fun.


Hullo. I am Maia. I am going to be 10 on May 18, at 3.00 am. I am in Year 5. I do fencing, I enjoy history, I have 2 pet rats and my dream is to become a writer.


Hullo, I'm Dorothy. I am Teacher-Librarian at Grey Lynn School and I am the editor-in-chief for this project. I have a great interest in family and social history and I am very excited by this project, placing some of our school's history on the web.