Research process

In our Inquiry time we used the context of Family Celebrations to learn about:

how belonging to groups is important for people.

  • how the cultures of people in New Zealand are expressed in their daily 

Evidence of understanding; students will be able to identify that there are...

common elements to celebrations across all cultures and be able to 
identify some examples
lots of different reasons to celebrate and talk about at least one example
 that they celebrate in their family

All our discussions started with the question: what happens in our family? Then 
we compared our experiences with those of our parents and / or grandparents. 
Next we looked at a wider historical or geographic perspective. Lastly we drew 
discussions together through looking at the similarities and differences and 
thinking about what the cause of these may have been.

We shared our understanding about Family Celebrations through:

  • discussion with peers and family

  • writing
art work

  • preparing and performing in our syndicate Christmas Concert