Learning outcomes

  • Research and summarise the history of Waterloo
  • Identify our own links to Waterloo, where we come from, and the knowledge of our own iwi
  • Use the tuakana/teina collaborative model when working together
Key Competencies

Waterloo kids are curious and are able to use different ways of thinking to learn.
Waterloo kids;

  • Know how to be thinkers
  • Are creative thinkers
  • Are critical thinkers
  • Know how and when to use thinking tools

Managing Self
Waterloo kids are self-managers. They know how to behave and are ready for learning.
Waterloo kids;

  • Display initiative.
  • Identify personal goals.
  • Are responsible for their own actions.
  • Take a learning risk.

Relating to Others
Waterloo kids are caring, positive citizens who relate well to others.
Waterloo kids are;

  • Co-operative
  • Connected
  • Considerate
  • Fun loving

Using language, symbols and texts
Waterloo kids are able to communicate using language, symbols and texts.
Waterloo kids are able to;

  • Communicate with others
  • Be multi-literate
  • Be a meaning maker
  • Confidently use ICT

Participating and Contributing
Waterloo kids contribute, participate and have a sense of belonging to our learning community.
Waterloo kids are;

  • Team players
  • Collaborative
  • Actively involved in our school community