Matariki – Senior Celebrations

In the Senior Syndicate the seniors met in the hall where we separated into two big groups. We set off to do two activities, one was weaving flax – harakeke flowers – putiputi and the other was making kites out of toi toi raupo and flax – harakeke. At lunch we all met together to share our kai, it was yummy.

By Luka Year 6

The Māori New Year was celebrated at Waterloo by participating in different weaving activities such as harakeke putiputi and making kites out of toitoi, cabbage tree leaves and raupo. We learnt more about the Matariki celebration through talking and participating in these activities. Finally we ended with a shared kai in the hall where we celebrated each other’s culture through food.
By Te Ata Tu Year 6

The kites were really hard to make. They were made by wrapping flax (harakeke) string and raupo pieces around the frame of the kite. We were in teams of four and had to work together. We made one kite together.
By Luka Year 6