Motueka Museum

I Wonder.......

What is behind the mural we run to each day?

Some children didn't know, others said a cafe. Most of the children knew it was the Motueka Museum. We decided to go and have a look for ourselves. We saw all sorts of things we wanted to know more about. The class came up with some questions and we asked Becky (our librarian) for information on the Museum. We talked to Ms Bridger who used to go to the school before it was a Museum and we also spoke to Mr Bailey who was a Principal at Parklands School. Our experts gave us some of the answers to our questions and Pauline (curator) at the Museum gave us dates and showed us old photographs.



These are the question we came up with and wrote down on some bricks.










We refined our questions and chose the best ones.











A close-up of our bricks. Several children asked this question about the Memorial.







A few children wanted to know about the lovely windows we saw.







Several children were intrigued with the hip bath and wondered why it didn't have taps like their bath at home.







We found the answers to our questions and wrote them up in our Museum book. We really liked what we saw and decided to draw some of its beautiful features. Here are some of our artworks done in pencil. We tried to include aspects of the building like fine detail and shadows.

This artist has used shading to show foreground details effectively.










The windows were very popular. Look at the artist's detail in the brick work.











The bell tower was a very visual feature and most of the children enjoyed sketching this.













We would like to acknowledge and thank all the people who gave us advice and information about the Museum. In particular our thanks go to Pauline the curator at the Museum who very kindly found us old photographs and a lot of valuable information which helped us to learn more.