Research Process

The Steps To Our Inquiry.

1 The Big Question.

What is the big red building at the front of Parklands School?












2. Questions to Explore.

Each class discussed The Big Question and came up with a list of possible questions to explore. We had lots of questions about the building, its purpose, and the environment around it.











3. Choosing an Inquiry.

Each class chose their own question to complete an inquiry on.

Room 8’s inquiry was on the structure of the building.
Room 9’s inquiry was on the use of the building and its features.
Room 10’s inquiry was on the Millenium Mosaic.
Room 11’s inquiry was on the mural at the back of the building.

4. Information Gathering and Creating.

Each class went to explore both the inside and outside of “the big red building”, they talked to people who worked there and people who had a connection to the building. Each class created a “wonder wall” displaying their inquiry process and the information that they found.











5. Sharing Our Inquiry.

The classes shared their information on their wonder wall and have contributed work to this website. We hope you enjoy learning about our projects.