Research process

Newlands Community Centre

To help us on our project we visited the community centre. We went up to the community centre and met Lisa. Lisa gave us a tour around the community centre and gave us a few notes to write down. We asked Lisa and the people of the community some question about the community centre history. We were very lucky to talk to people who have been there for more than a decade. We also took a trip to the Johnsonville library and found out more information on our project.
The community centre is an important part of Newlands. It’s good for the whole community to pop in and feel like they’re at home.

Johnsonville Rugby Club

To help us find our information, we used the website to get the email of the chairman who gave us the email of Brian Daly to get information. Brian Daly gave us some information and several copies of a book about more of the history about of the Johnsonville Rugby Club. The Johnsonville Rugby Club is important because it’s been there a long time and a top All Black played for that rugby club.

Citizens' Memorial Newlands

To help us find information we went to the library and looked on the Wellington City Council website.

St Peter and Paul Church Johnsonville

To help us to find information we went to the church and visited their website. We collected their contact information from their website to make an appointment. We decided to go to the church so we can get the information. Carol Burns was very helpful by giving us the history of the church. She also told us about the church and community today. We also took a trip to Johnsonville Library but we didn’t find anything helpful.