Sts Peter and Paul Church, Johnsonville

The Sts Peter and Paul Church was built in 1895 in Johnsonville, Wellington. The first priest was Father Griffin in 1922. The tabernacle was there since the church was made. The tabernacle is a special locked box that contains bread and wine.

The church was too small for the growing community, so they had to expand it in 1929.

The following ministries operate in the Sts Peter and Paul church: Adult Catechumenate (RCIA), Baptism, Children’s Liturgy, and Finance Committee.

The Priests, have different robes to wear for certain occasions like the red robe for Christmas.

Inside the church there is a historical bell, it was from a ship called the “Jessie Redman”. It was launched in 1869, but the boat got wrecked by an island.

The Sts Peter and Paul Church provides spaces-facilities for youth groups such as Challenge 2000. Young people between the ages of 14-17 are allowed to participate in the youth group.

Read more about the church history in the website for the Parish