Mama Tammy's memories


How has Titahi Bay North School changed in terms of its physical environment since you began here?

The environment in my day….it’s changed heaps since I was a kid in Room 5. It was lovely (laughs). In my days being here it was simple and pleasant, and now it’s just so intense and full on. We were more kid-like and today you’re more mature. We made our own fun. We didn’t rely on technology.

There were more classrooms. There were two extra classrooms up on the top court. The swimming pool has always been there but there was a shower and a foot-pool to walk through before you went in. There was no car park. It was grass there and we had a milkshed for the milk and the dental clinic. We had a big bell, a big brass bell to ring at playtimes, and it was stolen. It was unveiled by Christopher Fox. Because we didn’t have a hall, we had assemblies outside the staffroom.

What was your favourite thing to do at school when you were a student?

The bars! Some of the things we used to do on those bars I wouldn’t dare show you today. We were dare devils then, and even the boys joined in. And there was also the flying fox but it got torn down because it was too dangerous.

What games did you play?

We played marbles, elastic, skipping especially doubledutch, and four square. All the juniors weren’t allowed to mix with the seniors, but then we had prefects and they were really good to the juniors.

What school subjects did you do?

All the subjects there are now were taught then, including Māori. My mother would take kapa haka.

What other changes are at Titahi Bay North School today?

Like I said, in our day we didn’t have technology, and TV didn’t start till 5 o‘clock. We thought for ourselves. We didn’t rely on technology, we used our imaginations and all got together. Kids have so much today, they don’t appreciate it. Oh, and we weren’t allowed to wear trousers. In the afternoon at 2 o’clock we would have a break and rush out to the monkey bars. Every child had morning tea unless they were allergic. We had finger nail checks and uniform checks. The shops up the road provided our lunch and for $2.50 we could get two small square sandwiches, a pastry and at Christmas time we would get a larger pastry and two lollies.