Mrs Brannigan's memories

How has Titahi Bay North School changed in terms of its physical environment since you began here?

We had less classrooms and no shade areas. The classrooms and the office have been upgraded. The hall is new also. Students were not allowed to use calculators. Not very much technology was used.

What was it like when your children were at school?

My children were students here (1980’s). They liked netball, cross country, and athletics. The assemblies were outside. Swimming was pretty cold in the outside pool. There were lunchtime clubs (some during art swap) eg. Art Club and Chess Club. Parents came and helped with lunches, library, and in the classrooms. There were painted games on the concrete and there was always something to do. No uniforms or sun hats either.

How do you think that has changed in regard to what Titahi Bay North School is like today?

There is not so much structure now. Other things get put into a day. There was not all the expensive music equipment then and no hall. The children did sewing, knitting, and had plenty of spelling, reading and tables for homework