Culture festival

Interview with Ms Potoru.

We interviewed Ms Potoru, currently a teacher at Apii Te Uki Ou.
In 1996 Apii Te Uki Ou first took part in the cultural festival. The cultural festival is a traditional activity which schools take part in every second year. In 2000 we did the millennium celebration which was an enjoyable experience for all of the schools. In 2002 we had to show the theme ‘Riches of the sea, land and in heaven.’ In 2004 the theme was 'History of your school'. In 2006 we did an act about an environment story and in 2008 the schools performance was on cultural heritage. We use the colour blue which is our school colour, and green because it represents the environment in which we live in.

Interview with Mr. Sarge.

We interviewed Mr. Sarge, an ex teacher at Apii Te Uki Ou.
He emailed us with some stories about some of the inter-school activities. One of the stories that really amused us is about the culture festival. Here is what Mr. Sarge wrote:
There is always lots of work put into the culture festival, by both the students and the teachers. In one of the first festivals we performed in, my guitar was broken by a student just as we were about to go on, and I had to pretend to play the thing even though the head had been broken and it was completely out of tune. I was really disappointed, but managed to laugh about it later. Another interesting story was when all the year groups won first place in the 2006 math’s quiz. We are the only school on the island to achieve this.

By India and Marino.