Marj's Story

Marj was one of the first teachers at the school.

In the olden days at Vaiala Beach School, Marj said that when she first came to Vaiala Beach School that it was a very different experience for her because the weather of Samoa was every bit hotter than New Zealand and warmer than she was used to. Also it was because she had worked in New Zealand for her whole career before coming to Samoa.

Marj said that there were no uniforms in the olden days because it didn’t seem too important like what it is now where Vaiala Beach School can wear school uniforms and the Samoan Government has got our attention.

When Marj first started working here, Vaiala Beach School was built at Vaiala Beach and that was why the school was called Vaiala Beach School.

The Vaiala Beach School building was very small and the classroom was just a flat and not like it is now. The ceiling of the school was very low and it was very blistering for the temperature of the day. There were not many school resources in the olden days at Vaiala Beach School and Marj told us that she got reading resources from her home, she said that even though it wasn’t enough. She enjoyed every bit of being in Vaiala Beach School working as a teacher. The classes in the olden days were from year 1 – 8 in Vaiala Beach School like they are now and the school hours were from 8:00am – 1:00pm. The school did not have a field but had the beautiful sea by the seawalls. There were no hats worn whatsoever, not like this time of the year.

The subjects and activities in Vaiala Beach School were just like the rest of other Government and primary schools in Samoa – Science, Social Science, Assembly, Maths, English and Music.

Marj’s favourite memories in Vaiala Beach School were the students because they were fun to be around even with the naughty students and the excitement around Vaiala Beach School. The students were the same as us, and the school fees cost $400, whereas right now the school fees cost $800.

Marj has told us that the size of the school has expanded since the olden days and there are lots more education and resources than before. There are lots of students now, lots of new kids coming from around Australia and New Zealand and new teachers are coming to teach in Vaiala Beach School.

By Annie and Ethan