Vaiala Beach School in 1993

Rob was a teacher in V.B.S. Rob started teaching in V.B.S in 1993 but in 1992 he taught for only 4 days, because he was replacing a sick teacher. Rob taught in V.B.S because teaching was his job, and because he liked being in Samoa. The uniforms were red and white checks, the girls wore red skirts and the boys wore red shorts. The school was in Apia Park in the Hunter compound. The school fees were $400.00 a term. The school hours were from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm. There were 75 to 80 students in V.B.S. The students now are just the same as the students in 1993 except they didn’t have any cell phones, ps3’s and mp3 players. The school had a small field with a mango tree in the middle. The small field was just the backyard of the school. In the front yard there was a volley ball net, made of wood. With the school were three classes and a tiny staffroom. The subjects were the same as now but there weren’t many Samoan teachers, and not many sports and art equipment. Rob's favourite memories of V.B.S are all the children he taught, and the teachers and teaching colleagues he met through V.B.S. Now the school has gone bigger than before and has more sports and art equipment.