References and Acknowledgements


  • Mrs Karaka: teacher of Room 17
  • Mr Karaka: husband of Mrs Karaka, teacher of Room 17
  • Matua John: a descendent of Wairaka, he came to help with the pepeha
  • Matua Hau: also a descedent of Wairaka, who we visited at Unitec's Te Noho Kotahitanga Marae
  • Nicki: ICT expert (helped put data together)
  • Mrs Tregoweth: the school principal (who supported the team in creating the Pepeha)
  • Pepeha group: a special group that made the pepeha and put all the data about the pepeha on the living heritage site

And Room 17 for all the their hard work on the research, collation and organisation of the information to create our school pepeha.