Research process

1. Brainstorm - what we need – what we want to create

2. Looked for the parts of the pepeha

3. Mrs Karaka shared one of her tribe's pepeha with us (as an example)

Also other tribal examples including another school pepeha.

4. Brainstormed who could be involved. (Created an action plan)

5. Found a definition of what a pepeha is - We wanted more input - other opinions.

6. Came up with an idea / possible trips to gather footage.

7. Looking at Google Earth to locate possible water locations near our school e.g. awa

8. Supported to approach a kaumatua - with a tribal connection to Wairaka.

9. Interviewed Matua John about Wairaka and her history - stories of her life and journey to Tamaki Makaurau - Auckland

- Awa

- Iwi

- Moana

10. Pepeha presented to BOT - Elisapesi and Victoria (shared our process so far)

11. Visited Unitec Marae - got more information about our tupuna Wairaka. Meeting Matua Hau who gave us more information for our pepeha.

12. Mr Karaka talked to us about what a pepeha meant to him. Including new words for river, meeting place etc. To make it unique to us.

13. Put final pepeha together

14. Share our new pepeha with the school

15. Unveil our pepeha to the community - Green Gold assembly.

16. Room 17 members to teach pepeha to staff and students of each class, also the meanings and stories associated with each part.