Motupiko School

This is a photo of the Motupiko School building in 2006. The first family to live there, the Pantings, moved in after it had been used as a Community Hall.

Photo Reference: Emma & Giles Panting (Current owners)

Does the building still exist?

The original 1900 Motupiko School does still exist. For many years the school was used as a Public Hall. It was renovated and in the 2000s the School was put on the market by the Hall Trustees and sold. The Panting Family who is currently living in the School has made further renovations but still want to keep it in its original form.

What still remains of the original School?

The family that is now living in the old school said that they have found a few items when gardening such as; an old inkpot used for writing, small clear glass bottles, old pipes and the small remains of an old doll’s face.

Ink pot
This is a picture of an ink pot that was found in the garden where the old Motupiko School used to be.
Photo Reference: Emma Panting.

How long has the School existed?

The original school was opened in 1868 on old school road. The school was moved in 1877 to state highway 6 Main Road in Motupiko. The school burnt down in 1879. A Schoolmasters’ wife had been melting sealing wax, which then caught fire, causing it. A second building was up and running by 1900 but it too burnt down in 1899

School Photograph

This is a picture of the School before it was moved to where it is now located. The photo was taken approximately 1870.
Photo supplied by Emma & Giles Panting.

When did the School close and why?

Motupiko School closed in April1942 when all the small schools in the local area combined. Now students could stay in the district and not go to boarding school when they finished

Motupiko School just before it closed

Photo caption.


Motupiko School in approximately 1938. From left: Phyllis Taylor,EllenStagg, Pam Berryman, June Taylor,Hilda Russ, Margaret Flanagan, Shelagh Flanagan, Valda Russ, Bill Neame, Peter Flanagan, Doug Neame, & Doug Lawrence

Photographs supplied: By Emma & Giles Panting (current owners). This Photo taken by The Nelson Mail