Research process

  1. We first browsed around the Living Heritage website to see what other schools had done for inspiration.
  2. We went to the Living Heritage “Story Ideas” list.
  3. Then we brainstormed which “Story Ideas” we would like to look into.
  4. We then went as groups of friends, picked a topic that interested us.
  5. Next we thought up of some focus questions to find the answers to and give us information about our topic.
  6. We then brainstormed ways of answering these questions ie. Interviews, Phone-calls, Internet, Books etc.
  7. We then carried out our investigations by sourcing resources such as photos, books etc. Interviewing key people, sourcing photos and important information.
  8. After that we read through our information and sorted through the important information that answered our key questions from the less important information.
  9. While doing this we had to make sure forms were given to people so that we could use peoples information on the internet and we had to sign the forms ourselves.
  10. After we started to compile the most important information so that we could draft what would be being put on the internet.
  11. We then started to sum up the inquiry process.
  12. Finally we worked together as a group and later as a class to create our web page.

The research process in action

Students videoing, listening during an interview of local person Kay Register Chairperson of the on V.A.S.T society