Ngā Mahi o te Kura

I chose to play miniball because your body gets fitter when you get a lot of exercise. If you are lazy and unfit people might make fun of you but I think that being fit is much better.
Miniball is about how to shoot a goal properly and who to throw the ball to. It is also about aiming at the right person when you are throwing.

The coach is Lisa. I have one medal. Mostly we play inside a hall. The game is full time in half an hour.
Miniball is a version of basketball except it’s for little kids.
By the way, the rules are:

1. you can only tag people with the same colour

2. you can only bounce the ball.


Miniball is a lot of fun. I hope that you play. I would like to see you at miniball. The games are at Randwick School on Monday afternoon.


Dear world,

I have been paying touch since I started school .Touch has been in my brothers and sisters as well as my own blood for a very long time. My whanau also love Touch.
The best thing about touch is that it is challenging and hard. Cheating is impossible.
When I leave this school I hope that you can always learn to play touch here.

Poly Club
Kia ora my name is Benji. I go to Wilford School and I am in Poly Club. I like singing and dancing with the group. It’s a lot of fun.

My name is Ngaire-Leigh. I am going to report to you about Poly Club at Wilford School.
Poly Club is really special, it’s not only a Kapa Haka group it’s for anyone who wants to join.
Each year Poly Club has different songs and dances. Our own teachers are the instructors. Poly Club has been running for at least 10 years. In the 2 years that I’ve been involved it has taught me lots of songs which are absolutely awesome!
Poly Club has all kinds of performances – to celebrate Matariki and two weeks ago a Gala performance. We are now getting ready to perform at the Year Eights leaving ceremony and we will be singing Christmas songs too.

Our uniforms are really stunning. You should see them.
I can honestly say that if you start at Wilford School you should definitely join Poly Club.
It is a great group of children who perform songs and dances. Too bad we can’t compete against other schools because I think we really have a chance.
Thank you for reading my report. I appreciate it.

Welcome people to our Wilford School.
You see we have lots of things going on. But the most certain thing we are focusing on is poly club. We do songs, hakas and even hulas.
For now we are getting taught by Mrs Malaki the Samoan culture. We are learning this one song which I don’t really know the words to. But anyway it is for the Year Eight Prize Giving. We are just getting started on the song.
With our singing it shows our mana.

The Seven Fish
Room 10 performed a play about the seven fish of Matariki. Mrs Grose sent a letter to whanau who would like to see the performance. Before the play Poly Club sang some action songs.
Everybody was happy.

The Stolen Mountain
Rarotonga had a beautiful mountain in our village. Aitutaki didn’t have a mountain. They came to steal the mountain.Aitutaki took pieces of the mountain and they made a hill.

The stolen mountain is a Rarotongan play about two tribes - Aitutaki and villagers from Puaikura. Aitutaki was jealous because Puaikura had a mountain. The play was for the school production of Countries of the Pacific.
We were wearing grass skirts and we made Rarotongan arm and leg bands. I was wearing a Cook Island barnacle necklace.
We had glow stick paddles on the evening show but in the afternoon show we had sticks.
I was in the Aitutaki tribe as a warrior.
It was just like making a movie in Hollywood.
Everybody had a great time and the audience loved the show.
There was a stage extension and we made good use of it.


Dear people or readers of the world

I’m writing a report about Wellington Artsplash. Artsplash is about singing! Well, at Wilford we call it choir. Schools all around Wellington are given a set of songs, then they have to practice them uintil they are memorised.Artsplash isn’t all about singing you know. It’s about other things too like art displays, drum displays and dances.
The conductor at Wilford is called Mrs Mayo is also a teacher.
Last thing is that Mrs Winefry is the real artsplash conductor. She conducts for other activities too.
Thank you for reading my report.

The Music Group

I am in the Music Group. It’s not really hard. The person who teaches me is Mrs Glover. My two friends and I play the bells. Guess who my two friends are ... Keyley and Maia!
We have our practices only on Tuesday and Thursday. We have it in the whanau room at lunchtime.


Miss Sturrick, Miss Jones, and Miss Fagaloa helped us to put together a sequence of moves. You can do any kind of dances such as Hip-hop, Techtonic, Salsa and Bollywood too. I was in the Hip-Hop group. We wore cargo pants and a bright coloured top and singlet.. The year 8’s were allowed to choose the song to dance to. We went to the Michael Fowler Center in Wellington to perform, the Hip-Hop group.


The Wilford School Gala

I am a pupil from Wilford School. I am here to share about our school Gala. We sold toys, fizzy drinks and food. We also played games. We need money for a new playground.