Anei tōku rangahau e pā ana ki Petone.

I discovered that the Māori word for Petone is Pito-one. I also discovered that pito means the end and one means sand/beach.
Some of the first Māori who lived in Petone were from Te Atiawa of Taranaki.
In January 1840 the first settlers from Great Britain arrived on the ship Aurora.

Petone Beach
I like Petone Beach a lot because I get to swim in it sometimes when the weather is hot!! Or I can go fishing there from the wharf like heaps of other people. Most of the time when we are not allowed to have a swim, I just make cool sand castles there.
On the left side of the beach is a park, just along the Petone Esplanade, and on the right side there also lies Petone Wharf.
I am really lucky because I live right across the road from Petone Beach. That means I can visit the beach whenever I want! There aren’t many places with the beach right across the road.
But… sometimes the Petone Beach gets dirty because people leave their rubbish lying around, so please remember to pick up your rubbish.

Petone Wharf
I made a beach for my model. My beach is made out of material. It has big waves. I made a wharf using my sister’s toys. I think it is cool! Do you? My beach looks like the real beach. It was fun.

Jackson Street
I think Jackson Street looks like a big town because it’s crowded with people buying things at different shops. It has lots of restaurants and take outs. There are also heaps of flats or apartments that people live in.
Main places people go to are McDonald’s,The Warehouse, The Stationary Warehouse and Pak’n’Save
Jackson Street has been there for over one hundred and three years.
My favourite place to go to is The Warehouse because it has a variety of accessories and gifts to buy from clothes, gardening tools, toys and stationary.

The Clock Tower
It tells you the time when you need it. It is in Petone on Jackson Street.
It doesn’t have batteries.

Lone Star Restaurant
In the Lone Star restaurant there are lots of lights and heaps of tables with long, white table cloths. Each table have glass cups on them.
My Aunty Danny used to work there. She was a waitress.
One night we went there for dinner. We had butter chicken and roast pork. For dessert we had fruit cake and chocolate mousse.

Petone War Memorial

I chose Petone War Memorial because I like it and it is near my school. Mum and I rode our bikes there to have a look.The War Memorial is there to remind us about the people who lost their lives in the war.

There are names of people who lost their lives in the war inscribed on it.
There is a nice garden around it and it is a nice place to sit and remember them.
On the top of the plaque is a statue of a man with a gun.
The plaque says “Erected by the people of Petone to the memory of the men whose names are inscribed hereon who gave their lives during the Great War 1914 – 18.”

Petone Recreation Centre
Wilford School go there to play touch with other schools in the Lower Hutt region. We also go there for athletics.
There is a large stadium so you can sit and watch.

Petone Settlers Museum
My favourite man-made landmark is the Petone Settler’s Museum, here are my reasons why:
The Petone Settlers Museum has great pieces of art, which makes the Petone Settlers Museum a great tourist’s attraction.
Artistic designs make the Petone Settlers Museum an amazing place.
It used to be changing rooms for people swimming on the beach.
Nowadays, Petone Settlers Musuem has exhibitions about where we come from and who settled in Lower Hutt.

McKenzie Pools
There is a big wall at the entrance of McKenzie Pools to stop little kids from going in by themselves and drowning. You will see two pools one for little kids and the other is for the big kids. I like swimming in the big pool. I really like the slides.

First Choice Restaurant
The restaurant is on Jackson Street. On the window is a stained glass picture of a golden dragon. They serve Chinese food there. I like it!
I went to the restaurant with my Dad and my Gran. We were shown to our seats and then we looked at some menus. People’s phones kept going off. Dad and I chose the same dishes. The lettuce, sushi and eggs tasted delicious.
For dessert I had chocolate ice cream in a parfait glass.
I would like to go there again sometime.

The Empire Hotel
I chose the Empire Hotel because it was easy to construct out of cardboard.
The colour of this hotel is cream and white. In the garden are red umbrellas and a small verandah.
The colours inside of the hotel are beautiful. The chairs are wooden.
You can get food and drinks. There are rooms available for special occasions.
The service is great. The food and drink are yummy. Everyone likes going to The Empire because it is a fun place to go and visit.

Petone Railway Station
People in Petone can take the train to Wellington City to go to work or to The Stadium.
At the edge of the platform there is a yellow line to show where you can and cannot stand.
The train is wide and coloured yellow and blue. There is a sign on the train. You are not allowed food or drink.
Trains need electricity to go. You can see the wires on the top of the train. There are grooves on the wheels to keep it on the track.
When the train starts and stops it goes shshshshshshst.

Wilford School
Wilford School is on William Street. The symbol of the school is the pohutukawa flower which is painted red and green on the side of the hall. There is a huge pohutukawa tree by one of the entrances. It has three entrances.
Wilford School has the biggest playground, heaps of plants and plenty of space to play.
I live pretty close to the school.