Research process

* Our classes started thinking about our local community. We looked at the people and places that are important to us.

* We wondered about the very big tree that we can see when we walk in our neighbourhood so we asked Mrs Barr to come in and tell us about it.







* We found pictures from the Christchurch City Library's heritage section that showed us what Christchurch was like when the tree was planted.

* We walked to the tree and took our own photos.










* We asked the Christchurch City Council to send us information to answer our questions.

* We drew the tree and the tree trunk size with chalk to try to imagine how big the tree was.

* We sorted our ideas and decided what pictures we wanted to use for the website.







* We put all our information on the Living Heritage website.

** We will go back to visit the tree soon when the Christchurch City Council puts a plaque on the tree.