Learning outcomes

We live in such a special part of New Zealand - from our school we are protected by a powerful maunga and look out to a beautiful roto. But have we ever stopped to think about the changes that our area has seen over the years? This led us to a quest to discover what stories we can discover about Tiniroto if we go through the looking glass...

We began with a plan for our whole school Year 1-8 to focus our inquiry on the history of aspects of interest about the history of our area.

Focus Learning Area: Social Sciences Strands: Identity, Culture and Organisation - Continuity and Change - Place and Environment

L1-3 Achievement objectives: Understand how:

  • the past is important to people
  • people view and use places differently
  • places in NZ are significant to people
  • people remember and record the past in different ways
  • places influence people and people influence places

Learning intentions/Key understandings:

  • to define our ‘place’ and it’s significant things (physical – natural or manmade, stories, people, events)
  • to evaluate the different ways that the past has been recorded and interpreted (cross referencing versions based on evidence)
  • to appreciate the unique histories
  • to recognise that people can be a rich source of information
  • what is it about an area that creates pride, bonds, connections and memories for people
  • we can contribute to an historical resource for the future (Living Heritage link to Museum references etc)