The history of the Tiniroto Tavern

How has the Tiniroto Tavern changed over time?

The first hotel in the area was a raupo whare at the bend in the road above the Hangaroa River at the place now known as Bar 20.

The next hotel (above) in the Tiniroto Township was said to be moved from Pohaturoa to Tiniroto in 1884 and it was burnt down in 1898. The old tavern was made out of wood and some hard tile and it even had glass windows and a veranda.

One of the people on the cart illustrated is a relative of our current residents. The proprietors in the early years were Corrigan McMurray, Arundel and then J.S. Cooper who were here at the time of the 1886 Tarawera eruption.

A new hotel was built on a site down below where the current tavern stands and the annual Easter Game Hunt weigh-in is held. This hotel was used as a stop-over for coaches between Waerenga-O-Kuri and Marumaru. Unfortunately this hotel was also burnt down by a fire in 1923 that was thought to be caused by lanterns or candles being too close to the curtains.

The Tiniroto Tavern that you see in the photo was built in 1925 and was called the Lake Hotel. There have been a few changes to the original building over the years but it is still on the 1925 site. In the summer time it is a popular place for people to visit from all over the world. There are lots of community events at the Tavern during the year like the Easter Game Hunt and a Mountain Oyster competition. Many people enjoy takeaway meals such as fish and chips from the tavern.










By Justice and Taylor


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