Learning outcomes

Learning areas

English - Factual recounts

Maths - Statistics

Social Sciences
Students will gain knowledge, skills and experience to:
Understand how cultural practices vary but reflect similar purposes.
Understand how people view & use places differently
Understand how people make decisions about access to & use of resources.

Diversity as found in our different cultures & heritages;
Innovation, inquiry & curiosity by thinking critically, creatively & reflectively
Respect for themselves, others & for human rights

Health / PE
Relationships with other people
Students will:
Identify ways in which people discriminate and ways to act responsibly to support themselves & other people

The Arts
Communicating & interpreting
Students will:
Present & respond to drama, identifying ways in which elements, techniques, conventions, & technologies create meaning in their own work & others

Visual Arts
Understanding the arts in context
Students will:
Investigate the purpose of objects & images from past & present cultures & identify the context s in which they were or are made, viewed or valued

The students will learn to correctly pronounce local Maori place names & learn their meanings
To identify local sites which have wahi tapu status & importance for the tangata whenua

Build and publish a Living Heritage digital story.