Hotel History

When was the hotel built and what future did it have? What is the history of this ancient hotel?


The first hotel was built in 1887 with only one wing on it and was named the Green Park Arms Hotel, with the owner being Mr Dette. The hotel was 19 miles from Gisborne and 1,000 feet above sea level. The 1888 Poverty Bay and Wairoa Almanac announced that the hotel was very comfortable with a good bathroom and privacy, a secure paddock for livestock and a stable. In 1901 Mr Morrison took over the lease and added a blacksmith's workshop. He spent his time working as a blacksmith and left his wife to the hotel business. But in June 1908 the Almanac reported that the hotel was in a bad state and in need of repair, and a new building was recommended. In 1914-15 a new building was built by Mr William John Mossman. Later the land was put up for auction and Mr Mossman's grandson bought it. When coaches were replaced by service cars the hotel was still visited but people normally did not stay overnight.

In the early 1960s the hotel name was changed to Waerenga-O-Kuri Hotel. In 1968 the land was sold and the building demolished. In 1969 the store keeper tried to obtain a tavern licence but failed. Later on a club called the Diehards was formed once a week in the Gillingham's shearers' quarters, but that did not last long.

Around 20 years later a licence to operate as a social club once a week was granted and operated from the new hall when it was built. The licence is still in operation today.

By Drew Y8 and Nathan Y8