Our Country Store

What has happened to the Waerenga-o-Kuri Store since being established in 1888?

In 1888 the first store opened and was attached to the Green Park Arms Hotel, and was called the Green Park Store. Mr Harry Cooper was the publican. He later built a small store on the present site and became the store keeper. Much later, Mr Stevens bought a truck to do deliveries. Mr McIntosh started a freight service to Tauhunga. Then he bought some land opposite the store and put a house on it for his drivers. Mr Craighead took over the store and did renovations on it.

In 1974 Peter and Margaret French took over. After 35 years they sold it in 2009. Mr Charteris, a local farmer, is now the owner and it is leased to the present store keepers, John and Sandy. The store acts as an agency for the Gisborne Herald, ordering newspapers for locals, and is the depot for the papers to be delivered up to Pehiri and Parikanapa. There is also a mail service Monday to Friday, and a regular freight service still continues. The school can order lunches during the week, as the school is just across the road.

Waerenga-O-Kuri is fortunate to have a country store, as changing times have brought about more people using cars and the arrival of supermarkets in cities has closed many country stores. But not ours!

By Angus Y8 and Sam Y6