Mrs McMillan's Story

Who is Mrs McMillan?

Mrs McMillan taught at our school for many years and she still relieves at Bellevue School sometimes. She has lots of grandchildren and we thought she'd make a great guest speaker.

How did Mrs McMillan help us?

She came to our session and talked to us about what life was like when she was young. We had thought of some questions like, 'Is it better to be young now or when you were young?' Mrs McMillan brought her precious photo album to show us too.

What did we remember from Mrs McMillan's talk?

Mrs McMillan used to live on an island when she was our age. She was allowed to rock climb and go anywhere on the island without adult supervision.

They made their own games and had lots of fun. Mrs McMillan didn't go to school because they lived too far away from any schools and she did Correspondence work and was only visited by her teacher twice a year!

Later Mrs McMillan lived in towns and went to school. She can remember lying down after lunch and having a sleep. The girls wore gym frocks and heavy stockings and had bows in their hair.


Mrs Mc Millan said that they made their own games in those days and things like marbles were for boys but girls played with them too.

She talked about when her dog had babies and she had a cat and calves too. Mrs McMillan even got to ride on the elephant at the Wellington Zoo!