Instead of pencils, kids used ink and pens and their hands got all blue. There were 40 or more children in each class.

They worked on long wooden benches. Instead of whiteboards they had blackboards. There were no computers and adding machines. Back then there weren't many school trips. There were no blocks and games to play with.

If you were naughty you might get caned or strapped. Some teachers used a mirror to see behind them and carried the belt with them. The kids had lots of homework. One grandad said that one day he was hit with a yardstick (a long ruler) and it broke.

Every day the children in schools drank milk. Some people even came to school in milk trucks.

You started school in February after you turned 5. They often didn't have shoes to wear. The schools were cold, and sometimes there were no heaters.

Their assembly's were outside with the New Zealand flag and they sang New Zealand's anthem. To get to school they travelled by bus, horse and cart and milk cart.

By Morgan and Bryce.