Awapuni School, Gisborne

Special places in Gisborne


Thanks to Dudley Meadows from the Tairawhiti Museum and Pene Walsh from the H.B Williams Memorial Library for checking our work and letting us publish it here.

Thanks to Mrs Crawshaw from the Gisborne Art in Public Places Charitable Trust for helping us with the correct names for the statues.

Thanks to Mike - Alex's dad, for his interest and for talking to us about the history of Gisborne.

Thanks to Sue - Annie's mum, for coming with us on our trip to photograph the buildings and art we had chosen.

Thanks to Caleb, our school computer whizz, for helping us resize the pictures so we could post them here.

Thanks to Mrs Birt, teacher at Awapuni School, who worked with us and helped to learn more computer skills and about the research process. Thanks to her sons who helped her when we were putting it on the website.

Thanks to Di Das from Computers in Homes who suggested to Mrs Birt that this might be a project we would like to do.

We enjoyed doing it and hope you will enjoy reading it too.

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