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Special places in Gisborne

H.B Williams Memorial Library

H.B Williams Memorial Library.

This is a photo of the Library we took from outside it in Peel Street


The family of H.B Williams were very rich and donated £70,000 which was quite a lot back then. They wanted a memorial to him to be one that would bring the great benefit to the community.

The library was named after him because he adored Gisborne; and the family wanted him to be remembered. He was born in 1868 in Hastings and he died on 3 May 1961

His full name was Heathcote Beetham Williams.

H.B Williams.

This is a picture we took of the portrait of H.B Williams in the library.

The first library in Gisborne was called Turanga Library and was opened in 1869.
It was in the courthouse near the harbour. People came by boats because there were no roads then.

The next library was upstairs in a building on Gladstone Road.

The current library - the H.B Williams Memorial Library- was opened in April 1967 and is a public library run under the direction of Gisborne District Council.


This is a picture of me standing in the children section where the picture books are stored. The chapter books are at the end of the section.

By Ariel