Awapuni School, Gisborne

Special places in Gisborne

Curriculum links

Gisborne City has a wealth of interesting buildings, street art and monuments yet students did not know the significance of them or how they came to be in the town. For this project we researched to find the origins of some of these that the students thought made our town special.

Essential learning areas/strands

Social studies:

Culture and Heritage - Level 2

Time, Continuity and Change - Level 2


Transactional writing level 2 - recounting events in authentic contexts.

Oral language: speaking and listening.

Visual language: viewing and presenting.


Development of technological knowledge and understanding.

Technology and society.

Essential Skills

Communication - making our findings known to others.

Social and cooperative - working with others on a group project

Information skills - researching and processing information from books, experts and the internet.

Problem solving - exploring and using new technology. researching and developing ideas.

Work and study skills: working effectively in a group and independently. Learing to take responsibility for learning.