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O'Neills Point Cemetery

O'Neill's Point Cemetery

O'Neill's Point Cemetery

The cemetery is in Bayswater Avenue, Bayswater. Lots of pioneer settlers are buried in the cemetery.

The headstones are very old and they are deteriorating. The cemetery was opened in 1891.

Mrs McDonald was buried in 1902 in the cemetery. She was the first European female child born in New Zealand.

Mr Charles Stone was buried in 1920. He was the first male child born in Auckland.

We walked to the cemetery. "First I saw a spiky headstone. Next I saw a baby that died. It had a sheep on the headstone. Then I saw a huge fancy headstone. It had a cross on the top and it had two things that looked like mountains," recounted Miles.

We made interesting discoveries at the O'Neills Point Cemetery:
"A girl died when she was only one year old," observed Israel.

"A boy was only a teenager, his name was James and he died in a fire," observed Miles.

"I saw a headstone of a girl who died from drowning and she was only eight years old," observed Isabella.

"I saw a soldier's grave," Miles said.

"He knew it was a soldier because it had a cross and a native plant on the headstone called a fern," observed Rysei.

"Great great great grandfather Charles Edward Seagar's headstone had a flower picture on it. He died in 1942 when he was eighty one years old," observed Max.

Eden saw a necklace on the white rocks besides a head stone. She also saw a captain's grave with an anchor on the headstone.

Two of Our Headstone Designs

Isabella's picture Hibiki's picture

Isabella said she chose this shaped head stone because it is pretty. The heart is pretty too. She did shading, cross hatching and stipples. She chose the name George because she loves her brother George.

Hibiki chose the name Sari because she has a cousin called Sari. Sari died in a house fire. Hibiki put hearts on the headstone drawing to show love.


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