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History of the Mystery

An integrated unit which combines the learning areas of Social Studies, English, Art, and Music.

The website records the childens observations as well as oral and visual expressions of thoughts created during this learning process.

We hope our site encourages other schools with conections to the Devonport Peninsula to add their information so everyone may benefit from our living heritage.

Essential Learning Areas/Strands

Social Studies: ways in which time and change affect people – Level 1

Social Studies: features and heritage of theri own and other groups – Level 1

English: transactional writing – recount events in authentic contexts – Level 1

English: oral language – interpersonal listening and responding to others – Level 1

English: visual langauge – viewing by responding to meanings and ideas and presenting ideas using simple layouts – Level 1

Art: Visual – Drawing (sketch in pencil) – Level 1

Music: Moving to music (creating a Fire Dance and Bucket Brigade dance to represent the famous Devonport Fire) – Level 1

Key Competencies
Creative thinking; relating to others; participating and contributing; making meaning using language, movement, music and images.

Keywords: Devonport, Bayswater, O'Neill's point, Fort Takapuna, Victoria Road, Lake Road, history, mystery


Living Heritage - Tikanga Tuku Iho