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The Devonport Fire Brigade

In 1886 the "Hook and ladder Brigade" was formed. There was no water supply so the firemen had to collect water in buckets from wells and tanks.

In 1894 they got a hose and water was piped from Lake Pupuke to Devonport. The next year they got a bell, a hose reel, helmets, axes and uniforms.

In 1888 there was a fire on Victoria road. Nine wooden shops and seven houses were burnt down. The crew from a navy warship saw the fire and also helped to put the fire out. But the fire still spread. Luckily the horses were set free and could get away from the fire. The frightened animals were caught and put in a paddock. After this fire, the real Devonport Fire Brigade was formed.

In 1895 there was a big house fire but another bucket brigade had to be formed because the hose reel was locked in the fire brigade shed and no-one could find a key.

In 1916 a fire station was built in Calliope Road. Israel researched this.

In 1921 the fire station got its first fire engine called "Firefly".

Today there is a new and bigger fire station on Lake Road.

New Devonport fire station

New Devonport Fire Station

Living Heritage - Tikanga Tuku Iho