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Bayswater Primary School

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Research Process

Year 1 and 2 students at Bayswater School were studying an integrated unit called the 'History of a Mystery'. This inspired them to learn about the history of their local area

The students decided that parents and grandparents would be a good source of information. Another source they used was the local O'Neill's cemetery and St Michael's Church, both over a hundred years old. These local resources inspired some authentic sketches of the local church and headstones. The Devonport Library held many book resources from which information was simplified and read to them by Year 6 students. Using a report writing format, the students collaborated to gather infomation about interesting local history. But the real 'History of the Mystery' was a visit to the historical 'Fort Takapuna' where the students, with the help of a guide, were shown through the fort. The students created some detailed sketches and recalled interesting information and ideas about this mysterious place. Most of the students observed from the outside and did not enter the fort.

Living Heritage - Tikanga Tuku Iho