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Bayswater Primary School

The Devonport Peninsula

History of the mystery described by Year 1 & 2 students.

The Creation of Devonport from the very beginning.

This is about how Devonport rose, from under the sea.

When did it happen?
It happened a long long time ago – Cheyanne.

How did it happen?
In the olden days of Rangi and Papa there were only diamonds in the sky – Holly
The mother earth overflowed with lava and the earth grew big – Kayla
Devonport volcanoes exploded and Devonport got bigger and bigger – Cheyanne
Lava came out of Mt Victoria – Campbell
Mt Cambria, North Head and Mt Victoria erupted all at the same time – Miles

Why are there shells in our cliffs?
There are shells because the cliffs rose up with the shells still on them from the bottom of the sea – Kay

What rock makes our cliffs?
The rock is soft Papa rock – Kayla

Why is the rock called Papa rock?
Because earth mother Papatuanuku made the earth – Kayla

Who are Papatuanuku and Ranganui?
They are the dad and the mum. Papatuanuku is the mum and Ranganui is the dad – Israel

Who separated them to make land and sky?
One of their children called Tane-Mahuta – Kayla

Why did he separate them?
Because the children were squashed in the middle and wanted to see the sun – Campbell

Living Heritage - Tikanga Tuku Iho