Water Skiing

Interview with Brent Wilson local water skiing legend

When did Water Skiing start in Central Otago?

I understand it was over 50 odd years ago in places like Wanaka, Queenstown and Lake Hawea. Water skiing became popular in Alexandra after the Roxburgh Dam was built in the 1960s.

Who was the first water skier around here?

The earliest skier that I know of from around here is a man by the name of Digger Rodgers and he still lives in Alexandra.

From your point of view where are the best places for waterskiing?

Water Skiing 1

The best places for skiing around here are parts of Lake Dunstan where the water is calm and flat. Lake Roxburgh is also quite good. For competition skiing the best places are in the Bannockburn inlet near Cromwell where we hold the Otago and Southland Water Skiing Championships in February each year or halfway up the Cromwell Gorge at a place called Leaning Rock where we have a slalom course installed.

Water Skiing 2

Did you know that water skiing is one of the ten most common sporting and recreational activities undertaken by people worldwide?