We would like to thank the following people for helping us with our irrigation project:

  • Mr Weir, his workers Chris, Mike. Mr Fenwick and Mr Simpson for letting us visit their farms, showing us their irrigation systems, telling us about them and being willing to answer our questions.
  • Mr and Mrs Elliott for coming into our class and telling us about their k-lines and their bore, while also giving us the experience of water divining.
  • Mr Ratcliff for helping us with our facts during our fieldtrip.
  • Quinn Elstone the branch manager of Water Force (Timaru/Oamaru) for coming to talk to our class and sharing his knowledge in simple words.
  • Norm McKenzie for helping us answer our questions about bores and their uses for water gathering.
  • Jock Webster for visiting our class and telling us about the N.O.I.C (North Otago Irrigation Company).
  • Mrs Senior for giving us a lesson on how to make a web page with eye-catching effects.
  • We would also like to thank the parents who gave up their time to transport us to the farms and back during our fieldtrip day.
  • Lastly we would like to thank Miss James for making all of this possible.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge about irrigation, without all of you we wouldn't have been able to complete our project as this type of information cannot be found in books. We all learnt a lot about irrigation, even the few people that live with irrigation on their farms.

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