Makara Model School

Makara's Little Secret

Curriculum Links

This event allowed us to view our community with new eyes. We explored the life of Ruth Paul, one of our authors in Makara, and discovered many new and interesting facts about our school.

We enhanced several different strands of the education process:

  • Study skills
  • Written language
  • Fine arts
  • Inter & intra personal skills
  • Language and communication.

Study skills

  • organising and prioritising tasks and completing different facets of projects on time
  • discriminate important information in spoken and written langauge
  • listen actively
  • collect data from different sources
  • organise information and create topical outlines.

Written language

  • use varied sentence structures and write in complete sentences
  • brainstorm independently or in cooperative situations
  • revise writing
  • write in a variety of text structures of increasing length and complexity.

Fine arts

  • connect information gained from a real life situation into a structured visual art experience.

Inter and intra personal skills

  • demonstrate appropriate assertiveness, understanding of and empathy towards others
  • connect new information to prior knowledge
  • monitor attention to project and produces quality work.

Language and communication

The project reiterated for the children how listening comprehension, thinking skills, verbal and non verbal skills are vital skills not only for classrooms but in projects such as these. Team members needed to demonstrate appropriate listening behaviours during the events for the projects as well as identifying important details and main events of the project. They were required to create the interview questions, setting and filming of the project while respecting different attributes of team members.