Motueka South School

Our Place

Curriculum Links

Social Studies Achievement Objectives

Level one:

Through this process, and in a range of settings, children understand

  • The ways in which time and change affect people
  • The features and heritage of their own and other groups
Links to other curriculum areas

English:- Level one:

  • Transactional writing - Children will recount events in authentic contexts
  • Oral language - interpersonal listening and responding to others - Children will talk about important features of Motueka South
  • Visual language - viewing by responding to meanings and ideas and presenting ideas using simple layouts

The Arts - Level one:

  • Role play, Dance and Drama,
  • Visual Art - Drawing - including pencil sketches

Maths: Level one: Measurement, Data collection and Statistics

  • Children will order and compare lengths
  • Children will sort objects and display results using simple graphs and talk about the results