Motueka South School

Our Place

T.O.A.D Hall

Room 1 is a Year 1 class at Motueka South school.

We brainstormed everything we knew about 'Our place, Motueka South'. We knew alot. Then we went on two walks to find out even more.

Room 1 walking:.

Next we talked about our favourite places around 'Motueka South'. We decided to find out more about 'Toad Hall' because it was one of everyones favourite places and because we had lots of 'I wonder why' questions about it.

I like TOAD hall. It has been moved. I get ice creams there. By Shyanne

toad hall.

We watched a video about TOAD Hall being shifted. We found out it used to be a church hall at an Anglican church on High Street. We walked to visit TOAD Hall and Mr Fry.

Here we are outside TOAD hall.

toad hall trip.

Mr Fry had made us a yummy morning tea. We tried fruit some of us had never eaten before. While we ate Mr Fry answered our questions.

Our Questions

What was here before TOAD Hall? Fry's Fruit Bowl was here.

Why do you sell fruit and vegetables? Because my father did. He started selling them 40 years ago.

How long have you been selling fruit and vegetables? For 25 years.

How long has TOAD Hall been here? Since 1998, for 9 years.

Does TOAD Hall mean anything? It means Trading On Another Dimension. This just means we started our business in another building.

Why do you sell Juicies? Because children like them.

Why do you sell ice creams? Because I saw the special ice cream machine in Nelson and thought it would be good to have one in Motueka.

Here we are sketching TOAD Hall.

Toad hall drawing.

We went to TOAD Hall. We drew a picture of TOAD Hall. We had fruit too. By Shanae

Here are two of our pictures.

Lela 2.
Ben 2.

Look at everything we found out about 'Our Place, Motueka South".

Inquiry board.