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Landmarks of Roxburgh

Roxburgh is a small rural town in the Teviot Valley in Central Otago. It was first settled during the gold mining days and is now well known for fruit growing. Fruit growing began as a way of employing miners in the summer when the river was too high for gold mining.

Our school is an Area School of approximately 200 children.

This project is the first part of a wider study on landmarks undertaken by our Year 7 and 8 students who then went on to research other significant landmarks throughout New Zealand.

In 1939, the pupils of the Secondary Department of the District High School of Roxburgh undertook an extensive historical survey of Roxburgh and surrounding districts. This survey was published by the students and it provides a valuable insight into the history of Roxburgh up until 1939. Our project sits alongside the earlier 1939 survey and contributes to a school-wide project of "A SnapShot in Time" that is being undertaken by all classes at Roxburgh Area School. This is part of our ICT project.