Upper Moutere School

Our Story, Our Place

From a One Room School ...

We discovered how our School has grown from one small room to five classrooms and more.

Here we come!

We are thriving in the Moutere.

The journey continues. Here we come!!

The local Pastor (Heine), donated land near his home on which a school was built.

The name Sarau, which originated in Germany, was used until 1917 when it was changed to Upper Moutere perhaps due to the German situation concerning World War One. The present school was built in 1929, and consisted of two classrooms. A new school house was built in 1939-40.

The original classroom of 1856 was towed by traction engine to its present site on the school grounds, and is thought to be the oldest classroom still in use in the country.

Here are photos showing the story of our place from 1856 to 2007

Room 1 lined up very quietly outside the Sarau Room.

Room 1 2007 line up quietly outside the Sarau Room just like children did in 1856.

The Sarau Room is still used at Upper Moutere School!
Changes occur with new classrooms added over time.

You can't stop progress.

In 2005 a large hall and a new classroom were built.

In 2005 a large hall and a new classroom were built.

The school's entrance today in 2007.

This is the entrance to Upper Moutere School in 2007.