Upper Moutere School

Our Story, Our Place

Comparing Lives with Whanau

Room Five surveyed family members to gather information about what they remembered most about their primary school days. There was a range of answers particularly as many parents went to schools in other countries.

Room 5 asked family members what they remembered about their school days. 3
Why Live in Upper Moutere?. 3
Grandparents Day at Upper Moutere School.

Room One interviewed their parents and grandparents to find out how different things were "in the old days!". The class enjoyed a day of asking grandparents questions and learning lots about their lives. Room One children got to show what they were up to in class. It was a real sharing of learning.

What a wonderful resource our grandparents are. 3
Jack and Nana enjoy some quality time. 3

Room 2 asked grandparents lots of questions to learn about their lives and the past.

R2 used grandparents to gather information. 3

Room 1 asked their families what toys they enjoyed and games they played. We still like playing with dolls and some of the playground games haven't changed. We wear different clothes and eat yummier food.

We compared our lives with parents and grandparents. 3