Participate in Living Heritage

To participate in Living Heritage follow these 10 steps. They will take you from looking for an interesting local topic, creating your own Living Heritage website and launching it at your local library. We suggest you print this page so you can refer to it easily, ticking off each stage as you complete it. Along the way, you will be linking to information elsewhere on the site. This will support you in progressing your story along the Living Heritage path.

  1. Find a local heritage topic - Story ideas
  2. Register with Living Heritage
  3. Plan and research your story using the inquiry learning process
  4. Keep connected to the curriculum - Curriculum integration
  5. Get permission - Copyright and privacy
  6. Record your work in a digital format - Publish your story
  7. Use the template - login
  8. Print off and send us your signed Copyright and privacy release form
  9. Email us when your story is ready to be published -
  10. Celebrate your story using the Library Launch Kit.

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