Waterloo’s Environment

At Waterloo School we pick up rubbish but not for fun but because we care. We want a better place to go to every day.

When we recycle we have coloured boxes so we know which one to put our rubbish in. We have a green box for paper, a red box for plastic and glass and a bucket with a lid for food scraps. We also have a rubbish bin for waste that can’t be recycled.

Our Environment Group went on a trip with Miss Austin and Mr W and they learnt about waste. At one place they recycle all of the copper wire from old washing machines to stop wasting our environment.

By Paris Year 4

You should always pick up rubbish even if it's not your rubbish.

It helps the environment. If you see someone throw rubbish
tell them to pick it up or you pick it up. Turtles eat jellyfish so if it sees a plastic bag it will eat it and it will die.

By Abby Year 4